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When a player sends a Character out into a Location in Swag and Sorcery, the Character is adventuring. Adventuring is the primary way to gain Resources.

The stable[]

Horse icon

By placing a character on a horse at the stable, the player is preparing a character to go out on an adventure. The adventuring group progresses through the level from left to right, and the order of the group is dictated by the order they are placed on horses. For this reason, characters furthest to the right should be equipped with melee weapons, and characters placed on the left should be equipped for ranged combat.


Characters will automatically collect any resources that they come across, and attempt to kill any monsters that they encounter. Characters will attempt to heal themselves with potions if they have any equipped. The player is responsible for casting any spells.


Retreat button

Loot bag

If a character's health gets too low and does not have any healing potions equipped, or the player does not have any mana to cast healing spells, it is advisable to retreat. Clicking the retreat button will cause the character to teleport back to town at the end of their next action phase. Retreating will preserve whatever loot is in the character's loot bag, but all other collected resources will be lost. If the character dies, the player loses all items.


"The mist is retreating" quest reward

When a player first sends a character out on an adventure, the screen will be covered in mist and the player will be unable to determine what the character will encounter next. The mist will slowly be cleared by completing quests, allowing the player to prepare for monster encounters further along in the level.

Mist clearing quests[]