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There are many different types of buffs in Swag and Sorcery.
The buffs can be researchable in the Library, with different costs and research time.

Church Buffs[]

Icon Name Price Description
Bulwark I Bulwark I 75x Gold Increases armor and resistance to magic by 50.
Stout Heart I Stout Heart I 50x Gold Improves a character's health by 100 points.

Spa Buffs[]

Icon Name Price Description
Heavy Hand I Heavy Hand I 50x Gold Increases the damage done by your character by 50.
Vampirism I Vampirism I 100x Gold Every attack against a monster restores 15 points of your character's health.
Deviousness I Deviousness I 75x Gold Increases by 10% the chances of performing critical hits and dodging.

Passive Buffs[]

Icon Name Description
Art of Combat I Art of Combat I Increases damage from swords, axes and hammers by 10%.
Markmanship I Markmanship I Increases damage from crossbows and muskets by 10%.
Mystic Arts I Mystic Arts I Increases damage from staffs and orbs by 10%.