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В Swag & Sorcery существует большое количество квестов.


Названия квеста Задача Награда
Самая важная миссия. Наймите героя в Гильдии 20 золота
Первый поединок Отправить персонажа в "Магический лес" 25 Золота
Перевязка ран Исцелите персонажа в Церкви 30 Золота
Основы коллекционирования Соберите 3 Каштановых бревна В Магическом лесу сI, 10 Gold
Begin construction Build a Smithy I 30 Gold
Metalwork Craft Militia Greaves in the Smithy Training camp, Gold
Broad prospects Build a Training Camp 30 Gold
Scythes fell apart Bring 5 pieces of Copper Ore to the blacksmith 150 Gold
Persistent training Level up the character at the Training Camp 90 Gold
Time to dress up Equip Militia Greaves Hunting Lodge I, 90 Gold
Ready the hunt Build a Hunting Lodge I 40 Gold
Impudent miller Give 2 Chestnut Logs to the blacksmith 350 Gold
To arms! Craft a Militia Sword in Smithy I 120 Gold
Wolf hunting Kill 5 Timber Wolfs 200 Gold
Force vacation Craft and bring the blacksmith 5 Copper Ingots Random helmet
Mood Improve the character's mood in the Spa 30 Gold, Increase the group +1
Two-person job Send a group of two characters to adventure 110 Gold
A real challenge Kill 2 elite Mystical Ents 100 Gold, Fashion House I
Following fashion Build a Fashion House I Laboratory I
Honored guests Give two Light Spears to the visitors from the distant village 16 Wolf Pelt
Field medicine Craft 5 Potion of Minor Healings 75 Gold, Random reward
Keep things moving Equip Potion of Minor Healing 75 Gold, Random reward
Useful jewelry Craft a Healing Medallion 75 Gold
His first dragon Bring Scout's Hat, Scout's Jacket, Scout's Pants, and a Simple Crossbow. Dispossessor
Winged horror Kill the Owlman Guild II, Library, Access to new locations
Ancient arts Research Essence Absorption in the Library Magic Store I
Energy collecting Craft 50 points of Mana Power of Fire I, The mist is retreating
The secret of the cube Bring the magician 10 Elusive Essence 200 Gold
The search must go on Bring the magician 15 Weak Essence Random reward
It burns! Cast the spell Power of Fire I 5 times Gold, Random reward
Progress is unstoppable Study the buff Heavy Hand I in the Library 150 Gold
Victory through strength Buy a buff for a character Gold, The mist is retreating
All the rage Upgrade the Fashion House I 300 Gold
A bit of sorrow Bring the Magician 6 Sorrow Stones 500 Gold
Bad experiment Bring the Magician 10 pieces of Stinging Skin Random reward
New accessory Buy a Frost Axe blueprint from the Fashion House II Random reward
We need ghouls Kill 10 Ghouls Random weapon
Elite bones Kill 5 Elite Ghoul 400 Gold
Monsters week Kill 5 Elite Possessed Gold
War never changes Kill the Big Boy Gold, Random reward

Class Quests[]

Some quests you encounter are class upgrade quests, these have a blue color, cannot be abandoned, and upon completion reward a permanent perk for a character. They are unlocked upon characters reaching levels 5, 15,( 30, 45?)

Quest Name Character Level Goal Reward
??? Eddie 5 Bring militia helmet, militia breastplate, militia greaves Madness - Upon dying, kills the enemy, doesn't work on bosses.
Pretty Kitty Eddie 15 Give Eddie 3 pretty kitties Thrift - When the character finds loot in an adventure, there's a 10% chance of doubling it.
Stumps and cakes Eddie 25 Complete the "Swamp" location 4 times in a row Skin of stone - The character has a 20% chance of blocking 50% damage.
Modern diet Kazuki 5 Bring 5 pieces of Wolf Pelt Epicgag - 20% chance of not consuming potion
Decorating the fountain Kazuki 15 Bring 6 Desecrated Ingots Researcher - While this character is on an adventure, research in the library goes faster by 15%.
You're welcome Kazuki 25 Hire all 8 characters Desperate - If the character's health drops below 10%, they always make two moves.
Cure for allergies Mona 5 Bring 10 wolf pelts Kitty - 10% chance after being attacked to not be attacked again by the same enemy.
New star Mona 15 Win 3 prizes at the competition Eagle eye - The character will never miss again.
War against hiccups Mona 25 Give the legendary Massive Shotgun "No Contact" Attack - the character can attack with melee weapons from any position of the group.
??? Noel 5 Bring 10 healing leaves Headless - +10% chance to evade if not wearing helmet
Suitable Shoes Noel 15 Bring legendary quality(orange) Ladybug's Paws Self Healing- Regenerates 2% health on his turn if he hasn't taken damage the previous turn.
First date Noel 25 Bring money jinx amulet Fellowship - increases the main attribute of every character in the group by 20 points.
Ambitious Invention Aiden 5 Bring 5 copper ingots and 5 chestnut planks Do-it-yourselfer - +5% of crafting better items
Ultimate Weapon Aiden 15 Bring 5 Cluck-Clucks Well-Rounded - Temporarily receives a random bonus to one of their main attributes dependent on his level on every adventure
A cure for thieves Aiden 25 Bring Aiden the best Hunting Gun Vengeful - +25% damage to monsters of same kind that he or she most recently defeated
Sick hamsters Rosaline 5 Bring 3 potions of minor healing Goliath - +10 damage to elite enemies.
Crusade for larvae Rosaline 15 Complete Dark Ruins 5 times in a row Mentor - +10% damage to group mates, -20% damage to self.
We are the champions Rosaline 25 Win 5 prizes at the competition Production Master - When looting resources, has a 20% chance of finding their refined version.
His first dragon Hoshi 5 Bring normal quality scout pants, scout jacket, scout hat, simple crossbow Disposseser - +3% higher chance of finding blueprints when in group
Upgrade the Village Hoshi 15 Upgrade all 4 upgradeable structures in the village to tier 2 Heavy Finger- +5% stun chance when using ranged weapons (note that includes melee spears)
Overprotective Mother Hoshi 25 Study in the Library Art of Combat I, Marksmanship I and Mystic Arts I Inner Strenght - When a character attaks, they do an additional 10% random elemental damage in addition th their main damage.
Child Care Moriko 5 Acquire 800 gold Miracle - If lucky, character can make 3 hits instead of 2.
Strong as a ox Moriko 15 Study Stout Heart I in the Library Intereption - 10% chance of immediately responding to a monster's attack with a counterattack.
Ideal village Moriko 25 Upgrade all buildings to the maximum level, including the Fashion House, the Smithy, the Hunting Lodge and the Magic Store Struggling - when the character is afflicted with a debuff, he or she stops taking any damage.