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The spells can be researchable in the Library, with different costs and research time.

Icon Name Mana cost Description
Shieldbreaker I Shieldbreaker I 5x Mana Reduces the armor of an enemy by 5 points.
Power of Fire I Power of Fire I 20x Mana Deals 100 points of fire damage.
Healing I Healing I 5x Mana Restores 60 health.
Healing II Healing II 5x Mana Restores 100 health.
Group Healing I Group Healing I 10x Mana Restores 60 health to each member of the group.
Defenselessness I Defenselessness I 5x Mana Reduces resistance to all elements by 15 points.
Punishment I Punishment I 5x Mana Instantly destroys a monster with less than 150 health,
and restores 150 health to each character in the group.

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