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Stats in Swag and Sorcery dictate the strengths and weaknesses of Characters, Monsters, Weapons, and Armor. Stats governing Characters can be trained at the Training Camp.

Main Stats[]

Icon Stat Description
Strength icon.png Strength Increases the damage your character deals with swords, axes and spears.
Adds health.
Agility icon.png Agility Increases the damage your character deals with crossbows and rifles.
Adds chance of a critical hit.
Also increases your chances of evading incoming attacks.
The higher your agility, the harder it is to dodge your attacks.
Intelligence icon.png Intelligence Increases the damage your character deals with staffs and orbs.
Adds resistance to all elements.
Stamina icon.png Stamina Increases the damage your character deals with special weapons.
Adds armor and health.
Health icon.png Health If HP drops to 0, your character will run away, back to the village, without completing his or her adventure.
Vampirism icon.png Vampirism Every attack against an enemy restores your character's some health points.
Power icon.png Power The total power of your character is the sum off all types of damage that your character does, plus his or her chance to make a critical hit.
Survival icon.png Survival The total amount of armor your character is wearing.

Secondary Stats[]

Icon Stat Description
Physical damage icon.png Physical damage Physical damage that your character does to an enemy.
Fire damage icon.png Fire damage Beware the fiery flames!
Nature damage icon.png Nature damage Watch out for nature's wrath!
Ice damage icon.png Ice damage Shiver before the icy blast!
Dark damage icon.png Dark damage Do not look long into the darkness...
Armor icon.png Armor Absorbs physical damage.
Fire resistance icon.png Fire resistance Absorbs fire damage.
Nature resistance icon.png Nature resistance Absorbs nature damage.
Ice resistance icon.png Ice resistance Absorbs ice damage.
Dark resistance icon.png Dark resistance Absorbs dark damage.
Critical hit chance icon.png Critical hit chance Chance to strike a critical hit on an enemy.
Critical damage icon.png Critical damage Increases damage dealt with a critical hit.